Saturday, August 7, 2010

Carnival Cake!

How to make the perfect popcorn!

Surprisingly, making fondant popcorn is very easy! You just need a few basic fondant tools to make picture perfect popcorn that everyone will think is real! You will need a small circle cutter, a small flower cutter, a ball tool and edible petal dust.

First-Using white fondant or gum paste, cut out several circles and form into balls and cut out several flowers and form kernels using ball tool.

Next-Using a little water, attach each ball to a completed flower (kernel) and let dry (preferably overnight).
Lastly-Brush on edible petal dust, using yellow for the butter look and shades of gold and brown for the insides of kernels. Make each piece of popcorn slightly different and irregular for the most natural look.

Your finished product!
Example of it added to a cake: