Monday, April 23, 2012

My Daughter's Lorax themed cake and party!

 Humming-Fish and Truffula Fruits!
 Brown Bar-ba-loots and Swomee-Swan Eggs

 My Homemade Truffula Trees!!
Check out my Truffula Trees tutorial below!!
 THNEEDS Factory!
 Kids are coloring their own Lorax character masks!
 We gave the kids a baby tree to plant and a yellow, chocolate Lorax mustache for party favors!

My Truffula Trees Tutorial!

When my Daughter, Ella decided she wanted a Lorax themed party for her Earth Day, Birthday party we quickly found out there is not a lot of Lorax themed party supplies out there, so I was forced to make a lot of the decorations myself..which actually turned out to be a great thing. I printed out a ton of Lorax themed images and activities to work with from HP at as well as my own handcrafted spin on her party:)

 I cut, folded and glued these little Lorax guys using the HP link above!
 I have a 10 month old baby who goes through these snacks like crazy so I figured I would save them for a few weeks and use them for my Truffula planters..any large canned good would work too:)
 I placed a block of flower foam inside each to keep the trees in place.
 I wrapped each can in colorful wrapping paper I had hanging around making sure to cut it about an inch too long to be tucked along the inside of each can (don't worry about the tape-you will be hiding that later) and then glued a piece of ribbon around the base to give it more of a flower pot look.

 I bought a couple rainbow boas from the party supply store and cut each section to be pinned around a 2" round styrofoam ball.
 Using a bunch of sticks from the back yard, I trimmed them to two sizes for each pot-one longer for the center stick and two shorter for the side sticks and spray painted each white.
 The feathers make a huge fluffy mess on your table and floor but are super easy to pit to your ball and nothing a dust-buster can't take care of later:)
 Just be sure to wrap the feathers around the entire ball so you can't see the white ball, leaving just a small part exposed for you to stick the painted stick into later.
 Just lay them out as you go.
 Look how cute and colorful they are!
 Place each stick in your "planter" and paint each one with a paint pen or even a Sharpie to resemble the Truffulas.
 I picked up a set of these paint pens and paper grass from Michael's craft store and filled each pot with the "green grass" to hide the flower foam and tape from the wrapping paper.
Hope you have as much fun making these as I did. I love craft projects, especially easy ones like this:)
Email me and let me know if you need help along the way!